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At Gold Healthcare we offer an innovative, person centred, positive behaviour and recovery approach to promote well-being and quality of life.

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At Gold Healthcare we use the holistic approach to provide each person with care and support for their physical, mental, emotional, cultural, social and spiritual needs.

We provide a bespoke living environment, INDIVIDUALISED for each person, providing state of the art homes.

We believe in equality for all.  We promote autonomy for all our residents and firmly believe happiness is the key to quality of life.

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In Gold Health care our values are focused on being HAPPY at home

H – Holistic Approach

You are at the centre of what we do for you.

A – Autonomy

No decision without you.

P – Positive Behaviour Approach

We will focus on you to enhance your quality of life.

P – Partnership Working

Ensuring as carers we work in partnership with you, your family and other professionals so everyone knows the best way to meet your needs.

Y – You

We will always have you at the centre of what we do, we want you to help shape and grow the services we provide.