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I hope everyone is keeping well. It has been a very strange and often unsettling time for everyone. We at Gold Healthcare understand the need for our staff to have the platform to emotionally share their experiences and coping mechanisms, inside and outside of the workplace. We believe the emotional and mental well being of our staff is so important in the quality of care and support delivered to our service users.

As its Mental Health Awareness week, some of our staff have kindly shared their thoughts on mental health and how they manage day to day.

Ash one of our Staff nurses working in our Learning Disability Services has kindly shared her experiences and how she looks after her mental health.

“Things I am doing to to help maintain good mental health are , healthy eating , exercise, hanging out with my flatmates , dancing, making plans for what I would like to do after lock down and learning to speak Russian”

Jackie one of our mental health staff has kindly shared some really good advice for managing your mental health and also her own personal experience of mental health that not only affects the individual but the support and loved ones around them

Mental health is such an important thing that we all must try our best to look after.

My nephew suffered with mental health and sadly couldn’t live with it any longer and took his own life. It has been very hard on us all, especially his mum, my sister. He has took a part of her heart with him. We all seen him in his high moods and low moods and tried to give him the help and support he needed but he thought he was ok on his own dealing with it. It was very sad that it came to him ending his life. He was such a beautiful person inside and out and would of done anything for anyone but sadly, his mental health won and he couldn’t stick it any longer.It’s so important to talk to someone who you think is suffering from mental health and give them all the health and support they need and hopefully it helps them, even a bit.

Here is a few things that help me with my mental health.

Family time is always important to me, so I like to make the time to sit together and have dinner. I find turning off the tv and playing family games together or even just talking is good.My sisters,my mum and dad and myself also have regular video chats to keep in touch at this hard time with the covid lockdown.Before this lockdown, I found meeting up with a friend for a coffee and a chat is good.Someone close to me suffers from mental health and I often phone or text her for a chat to make sure she’s ok and to let her know she’s not on her own.Exercise is always good to. I have recently took up walking and I find it very relaxing for my mind. It gives me time for myself to clear my head after a busy day.I like listening to meditation/mindfulness videos as this helps me to feel calm and can improve your state of mind.I also recently completed a few courses that I have always wanted to do which has given me more confidence in myself and helps to keep my mind active.

If you are struggling with mental health, always reach out to someone and have a chat.

Tara one of our Care staff working in Learning Disability has kindly shared her ways of managing her mental health and given her thoughts why self care is important in her personal and working life.

” To look after my own mental health I will always go for a walk to clear my head if I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I will always remember to take time out for myself, whether it’s turning my phone off and enjoying the silence or giving myself a pamper. I believe it’s crucial to care for yourself before you can have the ability to care for other people and helping others is something that is very important to me.”

Sharon one of our Mental health care staff has shared what makes her happy and why this is important for her mental health

“These fur balls are my sanity. When I feel stressed, down or just need a break I just take them out and walk. They say it’s good to talk well in My case it’s just as well my dogs cant talk because I dont think what I say to them is sometimes repeatable lol.

Mental Health can happen to anyone, our loved ones, our work colleagues, and strangers in the street it does not care if you are young or old. Please please please talk to someone no matter how small or stupid something seems to be.

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